ETS99 Announement

5th workshop of the European Thermoelectric Society ETS’99 in Czech Republic

by Koudelka and Vining

European Thermoelectric Society had its 5th workshop in two days 20-21.September 1999 and this time in the Czech Republic. The organization was delivered to the thermoelectrics group from the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the University of Pardubice, the town 100 km east from Prague. The 5th workshop was held in Pardubice after the previous meetings in Dresden, Nancy, Cardiff and Madrid. The meeting was attended by 53 participants from 12 countries not only from the Europe, but also from Israel, USA and Mexico.

In two days there were presented 26 lectures and 15 posters. The lectures were divided into 5 topics: 1. Novel thermoelectrics, 2. Thin films, 3. Applications, 4. Theoretical aspects and 5. Low-temperature thermoelectrics. the chairmen of the sessions were prof. H.Scherrer from Nancy (France), Prof. M.Sanz-Bobi from Madrid (Spain), Dr.J.Stockholm from Paris (France), Dr.M.Stoelzer from Halle (Germany and C. Uher from Ann Arbor (Michigan, USA).

The workshop opened each day with a plenary lecture. The first one was given by Cronin B.Vining from ZT Services, Alabama, USA who summarized the novelties from the International Conference in Baltimore for those who were not able to come to Baltimore. He focused mainly on new and perspective applications of thermoelectricity presented by various companies at the ITS conference. The second day opening lecture was delivered by Gao Min from the University of Cardiff, UK, who presented the approaches and guidelines for the selection of prospective materials with probably high thermoelectric parameters.

The whole workshop was held in the hotel Technik in Bohdanec a spa close to Pardubice which offered a suitable space both for accommodation, lectures and posters as well. For the social part the participants were taken to Pardubice. The first evening was devoted to the sightseeing in the old renaissance town centre from the 16 century and the as the highlights of the evening there were a concert of Chamber orchestra of the Academy of Music of Pardubice and a party in the knight halls of the castle with the presence of the mayor of Pardubice Jiri Stritesky. The whole workshop was closed at first by a closing speech of the chairman of the European thermoelectric Society Prof.Hubert Scherrer and then by a friendly beer party in the town brewery of Pardubice with an outstanding Czech beer Pernstejn the product of the town brewery.

The aim of the workshop was to tighten the contacts between the European laboratories involved in the study of thermoelectrics and to exchange ideas and experiences. Proceedings of the workshop in the length of about 240 pages should be send to participants till the end of 1999. On the meeting of the board of ETS it was decided that the next 6th workshop of the European Thermoelectric Society will be held in 2001 in Freiburg, Germany and its organizer will be the group of Dr. Böttner from the Frauenhofer Institute für Physikalische Messtechnik.


Dr. L. Koudelka, University of Pardubice, chairman of the organizing committe of ETS99.

C.B.Vining, ZT Services, advisor of the organizing committee on internet communications.

ETS99 Attendees
(a high-res. version is available.: 782KB, but faces are clearly visible!)

Czech Republic

20-21.September 1999

Other photos from ETS99

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